Athletic Track

At Rainbow Sports Flooring, we lay rubber surfaces for athletic tracks. Athletic event is high disciplinary sport and requires severe training for long hours. It’s a stamina sport. Several disciplines are carried out during training and real competition event. To carry out track events involving sprints, hurdles, and long distance running to field events such as the high jump, long jump, and shot put, the athletic track surface must have the right feel and response. Rainbow super quality Sports Flooring helps athletes to maximize their performance so they can run their fastest and jump their highest.
Rainbow’s rubber surface offers uniform dynamic response and complete control over stride, rhythm, and balance for professional and amateur athletes. We use the latest technologies to create the perfect track surfaces so athletes can run their fastest while still remaining in complete control.
The advantages of Rainbow’s tracks include optimal end results and consistency of performance regardless of climate and environmental conditions during installation. Both are ensured through Rainbow’s careful selection of raw materials and constant monitoring of production and manufacturing costs.

We manufacture weather resistant and Eco-friendly sports flooring. Our sports flooring’s are preferred all over India.

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Athletic Track Surface Manufacturers, Rainbow Sports Flooring

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